Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Facts -Four The Record

1. Four jobs I have had in my life:

Pizza Hut waitress/Kinney Shoes Assistant Manager/Thrift Store manager/Police Dept. record clerk

2. Four movies I could watch over and over:

Under the Tuscan Sun/Notting Hill/My Favorite Wife/National Lampoon's Vacation

3. Four places I have lived:

Mansfield,Ohio/Louisville,Kentucky/Leesburg,Florida/Fort Pierce,Florida

4. Four Tv shows I love to watch:

Good Neighbors/Dharma and Greg/Top Chef/Super Nanny

5. Four places I have been on vacation:

London,England/Edinburgh,Scotland/Nassau,Bahamas/New York,New York

6. Four websites I visit daily: Foodie/New York Times/Mansfield News Journal

7. Four of my favorite foods:

crab cakes/chicken-broccoli casserole/pizza/General Tso chicken

8. Four places I would rather be right now:

in my garden/on a beach/Paris,France/cooking

9. Four people who have made a difference in my life:

Mom/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa (sorry, could only list four)

10. Four things I'd like to learn to do:

speak French/play the piano/relax more/live in the moment

Let me know some of your "Four the records". Leave a comment ...or several.

This quiz was taken from Simple Scrapbooks magazine's special issue Scrapbook Shortcuts.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Summer of 69'

I wish I could say that I was born at Woodstock - but I can't.
I can't even claim that it was the day when man first walked on the moon.
It was just an ordinary day in the summer of 69'.

Since that day, my life has been a series of ordinary events.

Now, as I approach forty, I realize that the extrordinary is found within the ordinary.

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