Monday, August 18, 2008

A Day At The Lake

Call The News Journal.
We actually left the city limits for the day!!!!!
Yesterday, Mike and I went for a drive so he could get his first look at Lake Erie. We've been living on the North Coast for three years and had not gone to the lake. We just drove around and got the lay of the land. Next time, we will have a itinerary but we (I mean "I") just wanted to get out of town. We checked out the new downtown in Sandusky (impressive) and then drove over to Bayview and up to Catawba. Then stopped for lunch and Chili's and came back home. The weather was perfect and I still say Ohio has some of the prettiest countryside. Pretty much a perfect day.
Sandusky Bay facing Johnson Island.

The Pier at Sandusky

View of Cedar Point from the Pier at Sandusky
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