Monday, September 22, 2008

Have Young Women Forgotten?

While talking with a friend recently, the conversation turned to how many of her friends already have several children. She is twenty-four and most of her friends are around the same age. Most are not college educated and struggle to make ends meat on meager wages. I mentioned that a lot of my friends are just starting families. I am thirty-nine.

This conversation got me thinking. I have never forgotten the struggle of the women that came before me. My great-grandma always was first in line to vote because she didn't have that right when she was a young woman. Both my great-grandma and grandma were extremely strong women. They worked full-time, outside of the home, which was pretty progressive for the time. My mom's generation saw birth control become available and abortion become legal. I grew up during the equal rights movement. Women were encouraged to get an education and then a career before starting a family.(if they chose to have one at all) When I was first married, my grandma used to slip me a few dollars, occasionally, because she thought a woman should have some money that is her own. Money that her husband had no claim on.

So what about the women in their teens and twenties? Have they forgotten? Have we lost ground? It seems that they are having children at a younger and younger age. This has really been brought to the forefront recently by Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin. These young women are really the first women to have been raised with all of the privileges that the feminist movement earned for us.

Do they take it for granted?

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Patricia said...

dnraPart of the problem with all the "rights" a lot of women had to fight for to "get", it left many of them chasing the all American dream of, what SO a lot of THEIR children were brought up with the tv as the nanny and the school teacher as the disciplinarian (until, the parents then went and sued the school board).
Sexy bodies and babies sell tv and magazines (do these kids read books, I wonder?). The media is partially to blame for making vapid people like Brintey Spears and Paris Hilton role models for wannabe kids who have learned NOTHING at all about responsibility from their parents with lots of bling and two Hummer garages, and just assume the world is going to throw them whatever they want in that ADHD second.

Jen Blue said...

This is an email that I received from a friend in response to this blog:

Yes they have forgotten so with that I guess we have lost ground.

I think with so many kids having their parents both working and living their lives, young people think sex, dating and being with someone is love and being loved which is something they are missing at home. It seems today we are rushing to get our children to this and that so there is very little time to sit down to a meal together and talk. There is isn't the quality time spent together. Because of this so many are having families younger and falling backward and not getting educated