Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Recycling Old Wool Sweaters

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This was one of my favorite wool sweaters. Somehow, it managed to get mixed in with the laundry and that was the end of my sweater. Or so I thought. After searching the Internet, I found all kinds of ideas for felted wool projects. You can make mittens, scarves, blankets, hot pads, boots and shoes, and even a winter hat.
To felt the wool, place the sweater in a pillowcase and wash in hot water. Dry in the dryer. When it comes out, the wool is felted and ready to cut. It doesn't fray at all. I've now got lots of project and Christmas gift ideas from my shrunken sweater. I made the mittens from the sleeves and they fit perfectly. The sleeves would be too big for children's mittens so one website suggested using the bottom edge (ready made cuff) and tracing the child's hand. Cut two pieces and sew together. I hand stitched mine so no fossil fuels were used in the making of these spectacular mittens. I love this idea. It embraces the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle theory of green living 101.
Although they aren't perfect, they are handmade and perfectly serviceable. I've already tried them out and they are super warm. Perfect for winter hikes.
Have you already tried this? Please send pictures or leave comments and I'll get them posted.

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