Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Girl Interrupted

I had my third long weekend in a row and I had big plans. First, I wanted to finish cleaning out the garage. I started a couple of weeks ago by taking some stuff to Goodwill. I need to have Mike get the lawn furniture out of the garage attic (he has to do it because I am afraid of heights) and have him put the Christmas tree up. There was so much clutter in it during the winter that I couldn't even get my car in it. We are trying to rid ourselves of all clutter so we hauled a bunch of crap from the basement to the garage in an effort to go through it and determine what would stay and what would go. Most of it is still sitting there.

Second on the weekend list was preparing and planting the garden. It's finally time and the only thing that I've planted thus far are the lettuce seeds pictured above. We don't have a large garden but it supplies us with a lot of food over the summer and fall and we rely on it.

Third was to spend some time riding the bikes.

None of it happened.

About once a year, Mike has a problem with his back which renders him useless for several days. It's sheer agony for him and he can barely move. He is crabby which makes me crabby and neither of us are happy campers. After a while and a couple of stupid arguments, I realized that the garden isn't going anywhere and we can work on it this week and it will be fine. The junk in the garage has been there for years so we'll get to it. Same with the bikes.

Sometimes it's not a bad thing to have my plans interrupted. It makes me slow down and realize that the sky isn't going to fall if I don't get everything on my list accomplished. I managed to get some other things done instead and it all worked out fine. The car had a much needed bath (and was immediately shit upon by a bird), the laundry was done and hung on the line to dry and I put all of the screens in the windows. I even managed to figure out how to make some adjustments on my bikes since my mechanic was out of commission.

Living a simple life is about finding joy in whatever you're doing and not hanging on to things or ideas that, ultimately, don't matter. It's learning to let go. It's a hard thing to master but I'll keep on trying.
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