Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Bike :)

Who says you can't be athletic and girly?

Thanks to Chic Cyclist for the inspiration.

Check out the blog here:

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Filigree said...

Looks pretty! I am wondering how you like your Specialized, and how good it is at both speed, hills, and bumpy roads? Is the front suspension the Suntour 50cm, or is it something different? Questions questions! It does look nice with the bright pink flowers.

Jen said...

I love my Specialized. I bought it in 2003 and it was my first bike in many years. Great at speed, hills etc. I love the way it handles. It really is the best of both worlds and it's not a super expensive bike. I think you can buy a new Crossroads for about $400
The specs on the fork say TCR-D,
40 mm travel, pre-load adj. One thing that I like is I don't have to worry about punctures or flats. It's nice when I'm riding alone and far from home. I can't really tell you about bumpy roads but from what I have riden over, it handles well. Sorry for the long reply. ~jen