Monday, May 11, 2009

Life as a Weeble

Do you remember the ad for Weebles back in the 70's? I remember it clearly; my sister and I were huge fans of Weebles. They were one of our favorite toys. These two survived and were located in a box of old toys in my basement. I've had them on my desk for a while and on many occasions these Weebles have helped me to put things in perspective.

In the event that the ad still hasn't popped into your brain, the jingle for Weebles went as follows, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down".

Everyone around me seems to be going through some kind of wobbling: job loss, marital problems, financial problems, mid-life crisis problems and/or all of the above. Some have stayed focused on what's important while others have crumbled.

I used to think that I was the type of person that just attracted disaster. I was always the person who took two steps ahead and ten back. I was continually living in a state of "when is the other shoe going to drop". I couldn't enjoy anything good because I was sure something bad would follow. I was beginning to think that I didn't deserve happiness. Sound familiar to anyone?

So how do you get past that?

-Realize that life is a series of wobbles. When we learned to walk, we wobbled first. When we learned to write, those first examples were pretty wobbly. How about riding a bike? I'm sure it was dangerously wobbly that first time. Eventually, we all learned to walk, write and ride. And let's not even discuss sex.

- Weebles are what they are. They don't try to be anything other than Weebles. They don't try to be Transformers or Bratz dolls. They are Weebles.

-Weebles have a plastic coating to protect them in the event of a particularly hard wobble. We have the same protection in our faith, family and friends. Surround yourself with those that protect and lift you up.

- Fun. Does anybody remember fun? Weebles are fun! Just check out their outfits. When is the last time you just did something stupid for fun? Don't take everything so damn seriously. When life is really in the toilet, there is nothing better than putting on some really loud music and shaking your groove thing. I find it works extremely well for relieving stress and no one's going to see you.

-You won't fall down. We will survive whatever it is that's causing us to wobble but we won't fall down. Our circumstances may change and the giant shit storm that we're in may not pass quickly but we will survive. We will continue to get up, breathe air and love those that we love. That will not change.

Life as a Weeble. Not bad.

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