Friday, May 22, 2009

Pure City Farmgirl Fantasy

From Mary Janes Farm, purchase this Limited Edition Teardrop Trailer. It's easy to tow (weighs only 770 lbs) on almost any vehicle. Inside it has maple woodwook, a double bed, lighting, ceiling vent fan, and more. Outside is a tailgate kitchen, 12-gallon water tank, sink, faucet, ample cupboards, a Coleman camp stove with matching 54 qt cooler.

Purchase includes a night at MaryJanesFarm B&B getting familier with the trailer and lessons for towing and the all important- backing up.

Price: $14,425 Inquire or Order at 1-888-750-6004

I would love to have this trailer but my little, 4-cylinder Toyota SUV can't tow that much weight. Darn it! This would be great for weekend camping. Oh well.... a girl can dream... can't she? I do have one question. Where do I put the bikes?
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