Sunday, May 31, 2009

ReadyMade Bicycle Rack & Messenger Bag

I found this book at the library and thumbed through it. Then I was so intrigued by it's clever use of everday materials that I had to check it out. It contains do-it-yourself projects made of recycled objects. Pictured below are two related to cycling but there were many more cool ideas including an aluminum can room divider and a water bottle lounge chair. Everything in it is very urban, hip and modern. Gonna have to find a copy for purchase because this book could keep me busy for months.

Bike Rack - Made from a used pallet and requires only a couple of brackets purchased from a DIY store.

No- Sew Messenger Bag - Made from plastic bags. The only thing I would need to purchase is the webbing and buckle for the strap.

ReadyMade How To Make (Almost) Everything A Do-It-Yourself Primer
Isbn 1-4000-8107-6 Published by Clarkson Potter Publishers/New York
Text by Shoshana Berger
Photography by Jeffery Cross
Illustrations by Kate Francis
Design by Eric Heiman/Volume

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