Friday, May 22, 2009

Share The Road

Yesterday I took a little ride. I started out through my neighborhood and then ventured onto some busier streets. Realizing that Mansfield is not bike-friendly, in any sense of the word, I don't know why I got so upset. I'm always mindful of road rules and courteous to the drivers of the four wheeled death machines. They are not so courteous to cyclists.

I stopped at a red light, signalled, and when the light changed; proceeded to make my turn. Once said turn was complete, I moved to the edge of the road so cars could safely pass. This moron in a hooptied up car blew past me at record speed as if I had ruined their entire day.

Drivers: Share the road!!! There is room for all of us and if you're in that big of a should have left five minutes earlier. Most cyclists are not trying to get in your way but a lot of times, there is debris or grates at the edge of the road and we have to inch out just a little bit. Take it easy. You'll get there.

Sorry for the rant and have a great day :)
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