Monday, June 29, 2009

More Than Cycling At Terry

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I received a comment from a fellow blogger about refraining from cycling themed products. I totally understand where she is coming from. You could go a little over the top with this stuff. T-shirts, jewelry, underwear, etc. So, anyway, I wanted to highlight some of clothing that is just clothing. It's nothing more. They carry several styles of shorts, cargo pants and tops. Many are organic. They even have some really cute flip-flops.
Terry has some sunglasses that are totally functional but stylish. That is an area that has been challenging to me since I started cycling. Briko's and other sport sunglasses just look ridiculous on me and Terry has the solution to that problem.
I like the idea that I can buy regular clothes from a cycling company. If you want to keep companies around, you have to support them so I thought I'd spread the word that Terry has more than just cycling.
P.S. I almost forgot... They also have Plus Size cycling gear. Important, since we aren't all size small.

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