Friday, June 12, 2009

Off To A Great Start

A Pic from the Carousel District-Downtown Mansfield

Yesterday, I rode Agatha to work. I was a little nervous taking her out for the first time and there was a serious threat of rain but I decided, "What the heck" and went for it. She was fabulous! She handled like a pro and looked quite stylish cruising through downtown. She needs a few little adjustments to her brakes but my husband/bike mechanic will look at it this weekend.

One of the things I love about riding a bike is that you can say hello to people that you pass on the street. I saw one of my favorite library clerks, sneaking out for a smoke break. I said, "hello". I got hellos from lots of people walking downtown. If I were in a car, it never would happen. I took some back alleys and roads until I got downtown and then I just merged with traffic. Going to work is a lot easier than coming home. It's downhill all the way there so I basically just sit down and coast. Of course that means that coming home is all uphill but it still wasn't bad. It just took a few minutes longer.

I work second shift so I have to be at work at 3:30 pm and leave at midnight. The plan is to ride to work and ride home on my supper break while it's still light outside. Unfortunately, I have to pass through some rough neighborhoods to get home so it's just not safe for me to ride home alone at midnight. It's still saving me one trip in the car per day and I get some exercise. When I told a couple of people that I rode to work, they said they might try it too. Hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same. Even if they only cycle to work one day a week, I'd be pleased.

Today is our downtown farmers market and tonight is the beginning of the Miss Ohio Festival so it's a great weekend to take the bike downtown. My thought is that the more people are seen using bikes and walking, the more others may be inspired to do the same.

So just a little update on the first commute on the new/old bike, thanks for reading.
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sara said...

Happy bike commuting!! I think anytime you take the bike instead of car is a wonderful victory. Congrats.

I also love that once you get riding & others see that it is do-able, they may hop on bikes as well.