Monday, June 1, 2009

Paradise Garage

The entire reason for the trip to Columbus was to check out Paradise Garage. I found them online and couldn't wait to go there. I was dying to see the Pashley Princess Sovereign and to check out the Batavus. The girl pictured above just purchased hers and was there to pick it up. We got into quite a conversation about all of the cool blogs out there and about urban cycling. I gave her my email address and the address for the blog so I hope she stops by the site or keeps in touch. As if I wasn't jealous enough of her new ride, she's going to change the saddle out to a Brooks. The only negative for me is the weight of the bike. It was really heavy and Mansfield's just a bit to hilly for me to imagine trying to pedal it back and forth to work.

Anyway, the shop was great combining fashion with cycling and they were super friendly. I purchased a cool bell for the Hercules and made a wish list of things to save money to buy. Included on the list is a new Bern helmet for commuting. I don't really think that my sports type helmet is appropriate for riding to work.

So now I've covered the entire Sunday trip and it was great day. We purchased two bikes, went to Paradise Garage, hung out in the Short North and shared a beer and a cookie. Can't wait to go back.

Paradise Garage:

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