Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She Has A Name!

My friend, Beth, came up with the name for this bike. The bike is a Hercules which led her to Hercule Poirot...Agatha Christie.. voila... the name. I think it fits her and as I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and have read almost all of her books, it's perfect.

Agatha is at the shop this week and I can't wait to get her back. I'm not sure how the commute is going to go on a three-speed but I'm going to give it a shot. My dad used to ride an old Schwinn three-speed from this very house to the same neighborhood where I work so I know it can be done but until I get in shape, the Specialized might be easier.

When I took her to the shop, I priced a Gary Fisher Simple City bike. The price was very reasonable for either the three or eight speed. I also saw a really great hybrid, the Trek 720 but here's the dilemma:

There is an issue with bike theft here. It's amazing because there are only a handful of people in Mansfield that use bikes as transportation but just last week, someone stole a guy's Trek from outside the YMCA. The Y is located in a very good neighborhood and I was surprised it was taken from there. I hesitate to purchase an expensive bike only to have it stolen. That's part of the reason that I bought Agatha. After she gets new brakes, tuned up, lights and is fit with racks and baskets, I'll only have about $200 invested in her. Yes, I'll be extremely mad if she's stolen but not out of a lot of money.

I already have three bikes and as the economy gets worse... and worse...and worse, I can't justify purchasing another bike right now. My job has been in jeopardy for months so we are trying to get bills paid off and save a little money just in case. Even if I am fortunate enough to stay employed, I could be looking at a cut in income. My husband just found out that his hours are being cut at one of his jobs and our expenses seem to keep going up. I know...one step forward...two steps back. We keep scaling back on our expenses but we're just not getting ahead. The cost of food has gone up, gas is back up, our health insurance just went up and our car insurance is up for renewal in July and I'm pretty sure it's going to go up. Hopefully things will start looking better by next summer and we can add to our bicycle family. For now, I'll have to be content with looking at all of the photos on my fellow bike bloggers sites and dreaming.
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Dottie said...

I love the name!! I used to read a lot of Agatha Christie back in the day. As for commuting on the 3-speed, just leave yourself more time to get where you're going (about 10-15 minutes for my 7 mile commute on my Dutch bike).

Chicago has a huge, huge bike theft problem. The solution is a serious lock. A Kryptonite u-lock should do the trick and I use an Abus chain lock for my Oma. But stick to admiring from a distance for now when money is an issue. The Simple City is a cool bike, but your current bike is cooler and has way more street cred :)

Jen said...

I like that..."Street Cred". That works. Admiring from a distance is good but it's tough with all the great blogs out there. Bike Porn.

Filigree said...

The name is perfect IMO! Dark, elegant, mysterious, English.

sara said...

Agatha is a terrific name. I do so love her basket. My husband rides a gorgeous 3-speed Rudge that his dad bought in Greenwich Village in 1967. I think it is an incredibly cool bike, especially with its history.