Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vogue Article on Best Bikes

Follow the link below to read Vogue's Guide to the best bikes. I thought they had some interesting picks.



Dottie said...

I agree, very interesting pics! I was prepared for a bunch of crap by advertisers, but their selection is top notch. I know and love all those bikes, except have not heard of MyBike. They should mention the 6 year waitlist for Vanilla!

Dottie said...

I mean interesting "picks." Carry on.

Jen said...

Do you know what bike the model is pictured with? It looks pretty cool.

Filigree said...

Their selection is good quality, but very road-bike biased, so I am a bit disappointed.

Jen, I believe the model is pictured with the French Velib city bike.

See here: