Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Never Know

Last night, Mike and I went to the library to load up on books, movies and music for the week. I grabbed my camera on my way out the door; just in case we spotted any cyclists along the way. Sure enough, we spotted this guy talking with a couple of gents along the side of the road. I pulled the car off into a parking lot, got out and went over to ask to take his picture. He asked if he might crash in our backyard for the night. We offered him a bed, shower, food and a washer & dryer. He was a perfect guest. He used our computer to hook up with a guy that he met along the way who is from Sweden and is cycling across the country. They are meeting this morning to continue the trip East together.

He just graduated from college and decided to take this trip before the next chapter in his life. We were both a little jealous and wished we were traveling with him. He was a perfect guest and this was a great experience. You never know where your love of cycling will take you. Not only have I conversed with some great people on the blogs but now we have put up our first overnight cycling guest. As he rode off this morning, he said," au revoir" and rode away. I gave him my email and I hope he stays in touch to let us know about his trip.
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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a kind thing to do--you do never know, do you?