Monday, July 13, 2009

Cycling Through The Weekend

The Psycyclist giving a wave but we weren't the only ones who rode to the show.

Our bikes parked under the stairs.

This bike was parked across the street.

This weekend, the Psycyclist turned 51, a major milestone since the odds were against him making it to thirty. One would have thought that fifty would have been the big birthday since he made it to half a century but it came and went with little fanfare. He's now excited to have made it one year past the halfway mark since he's banking on making it to one hundred.

I took a vacation day on Saturday and we were headed for Shelby's Bicycle Days. The Weather Gods were not in our favor and throughout the morning it grew dark and stormy. As the clock continued inching toward 2:00 (time of the parade start), the storm began to pass. The 51 year old Psycyclist had fallen asleep in front of the television. This is something he never does. Hopefully, it's not a sign of whats to come over the 49 remaining years of his life. I hope these senior citizen naps aren't going to become a habit but he was so peaceful that I didn't have the heart to wake him.

When he finally awoke, I was vegged out in front of the TV watching a chick flick on Lifetime (I'd pryed the remote from his hands) and he was a little disappointed that we'd missed Bicycle Days. Instead he worked on bikes and "pounded some hills". He came home and announced to me, "I still have it!" When asked if he wanted anything special for dinner, he requested one of my home-made pizzas. So that was our evening; catching up on the Tour De France stages that we hadn't watched yet and eating pizza.

On Sunday, he worked on bikes again (I don't know if there is really that much work to be done or if it's just his excuse to hang out in the garage with his bikes) and we picked up his wheel from the bike shop. We also picked up a new rack for his Fuji so he can start hauling groceries on it.

Sunday night, we hopped on the bikes and rode to the Govt Mule concert that was being held downtown. We equipped the bikes with lights and off we went. We weren't the only ones who rode Eco-friendly to the show. We spotted a couple of other bikes parked around the area. It was funny...we parked the bikes under some stairs at the side of the building where most of the people had to pass from the parking lot to the theatre and it was unbelievable how many people remarked on Agatha. I didn't realize she was so cool. Older people smile and wave all the time (I always chalk it up to nostalgia) but this was a pretty young crowd and they thought she was hip. When we left, we just got on and rode. No traffic...just brilliant.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like you're living it to the fullest there--what a fun weekend.

sara said...

Fun. Agatha IS hip and I am glad that she is well appreciated.

Happy birthday to P.