Thursday, July 9, 2009

Should I Be Tempted?

My friend sent me this pic yesterday. He saw this bike for sale for only $50. I just don't know. It's an old Roadmaster and you can see that it needs a little work. Might be ok for the Psycyclist. What should I do?
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Filigree said...
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Filigree said...

(typos in the previous attemppt, so I deleted it)

My suggestion would be to stay away from it. These were not good bicycles even when they were new; cheap parts and construction issues. Search your local Craigslist for a Raleigh or a Schwinn; they can often be found for a similar price.

Jen said...

I know.. That's exactly what Mike and I were talking about last night. I'd rather find an old Raleigh for Mike. I saw Agatha's male twin on Ebay this week but the frame was too small for him. I think I was just getting excited by it's looks. Thanks.